PRASQUAL intro [pdf | 100kB]

Prasqual in short statements

Prasqual ©Matthias Baus


"I regard composing as forming air and time, and the sound as a physical phenomenon: abstract and sensual, sacral and erotic. Musical theatre, microtonality, space and rituals in the music are the main fields of my interest."


"Bringing scores to life is a fascinating experience and a possibility of shaping the music very directly through the gesture, with no need for words."


"As a pianist, I like to create timeless musical structures. Composing a piano recital is constructing - with all love for details and never losing the formal feeling for the entire structure."

  • ShortNews: Marta Wryk & Prasqual with Modern girl in Gdansk [PL].
    • Musical story about German and Polish women in the interwar period, with texts of Anna Kowalczyk.
      Friday 10th of March, 2023 (info)
  • ShortNews: Prasqual's: Pernyai in the National Museum in Kraków [PL].
    • Spółdzielnia Muzyczna will play this piece for for clarinet, piano and string quartet (2010, rev. 2016)
      Thursday 12th of Februar 2023 in Krakow (info)
  • ShortNews: Prasqual's: Canti lussuriosi e seriosi broadcasted on Polish radio.
    • Friday 13th of October 2022 22:00-23:00, music and explanation (in Polish) by Prasqual (listen here).
  • ShortNews:NeoQuartet with Prasqual's string quartet UDAYA in Sondershausen [DE].
    • Saturday 1st of October 2022 in Sondernhausen [DE] (info)
  • ShortNews: Prasqual will play L’una vuota and Morton Feldman: Palais de Mari in Cologne [DE].
    • Saturday 3rd of September in Kunststation St. Peter, Cologne at 13:00 (info)