PRASQUAL intro [pdf | 80kB]

Prasqual in short statements

Prasqual ©Matthias Baus


"I regard composing as forming air and time, and the sound as a physical phenomenon: abstract and sensual, sacral and erotic. Musical theatre, microtonality, space and rituals in the music are the main fields of my interest."


"Bringing scores to life is a fascinating experience and a possibility of shaping the music very directly through the gesture, with no need for words."


"As a pianist, I like to create timeless musical structures. Composing a piano recital is constructing - with all love for details and never losing the formal feeling for the entire structure."

  • ShortNews: Prasqual in Kunststation St. Peter, Cologne (DE)
    • 14th of October 2017 Prasqual will play a lunchconcert: piano & electronic music info
  • ShortNews: Premiere of Prasqual's RE: a stage ritual in 28 moments (2017)
  • ShortNews: Architecture of Light on DVD
    • Prasqual's opera Architecture of Light, which is the third part of the opera project Orlando, takes us on a cosmogonic journey from the beginning to the end of the world. DVD-trailer buy DVD
  • ShortNews: Prasqual writing on music and architecture
    • Prasqual started a series in Delirium-Edition, called A variable geography of the musical work: